Corel Digital Studio

Corel Digital Studio 2010

All-in-one multimedia solution for beginners


  • Attractive design
  • Multiple project wizards
  • Share online


  • Very long installation
  • Editing options not very advanced
  • Resource heavy


Corel Digital Studio is a modern multimedia application for editing, viewing, managing and burning photos and videos.

Unfortunately, Corel Digital Studio doesn't get off to a good start. The installation process is really long, and unless you have a high-powered computer, you'll find using the program a struggle. It also installs multiple icons on the desktop without providing any central interface. Finally, Corel Digital Studio offers no getting started wizard or guidance for first-time users.

Uncomfortable beginning aside, Corel Digital Studio does have multiple features and is easy to use. You can view your media, as well as creating a variety of multimedia projects, obviously depending on the type of file. You can also use the application to carry out some more technical tasks, such as burning to disc, backing up and sharing your media on YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

Corel Digital Studio has no central configuration window, but the program does provide a basic but effective editor for your media. Performing this editing - and using the program in general - is very easy, and there is comprehensive help, even though it is only online.

Your first few minutes with Corel Digital Studio are likely to be painful ones, but if you hang on in there, you'll find it is a comfortable and easy-to-use program that is ideal for beginners with a little bit of experience already under their belt. That said, Corel Digital Studio is by no means outstanding, and whether or not users will want to make the initial sacrifice remains to be seen.

Corel Digital Studio is a generally comfortable program for managing your video, images and other multimedia files.

Corel Digital Studio


Corel Digital Studio 2010

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